Breastfeeding Clinic

As part of her general Pediatrics practice in WB Pediatrics, Dr. Strumba provides support to mothers and infants who are experiencing breastfeeding difficulty and other associated symptoms, such as:

  • Poor latch;
  • Insufficient milk supply;
  • Engorgement;
  • Painful breastfeeding;
  • Poor weight gain;
  • Prematurity;
  • Cleft palate, Down syndrome and other medical conditions affecting feeding.

Lactation support services are covered by most insurance plans. Sorry, but Dr. Strumba cannot provide outside specialist consults: these services are only to the current WPB patients. Please contact WBP at tel. (248) 596-1000 to find hours of operation and to schedule an appointment.

About Anna Strumba MD, FAAP

Dr. Strumba is a lactation consultant and a Board certified pediatrician, Fellow of the American Academy of Pediatrics.