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Patients’ Choice Award 2008, 2009, 2010, 2011, 2012

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Compassionate Doctor Award 2010, 2011

Recent Reviews:

“Dr. Strumba has been our children’s primary care physician many years. Children love her and trust her, and so do we, parents. Anna always does and advises what’s best for the patient, and goes “above and beyond” what a typical PCP would do. Attention to detail, compassion, professionalism, proactive care, what else to list? Highly recommend!”
Dan, August 2020

“She is very caring and hands on. Her care is evidenced base!”
Rosa Alfred Emeigh, April 2020

“We are so happy to find such a wonderful and professional pediatrician like Dr. Strumba. She is so careful, listens and answers to all of our questions and concerns and make us fell so comfortable and relaxed during the visits. She is also a wonderful lactation consultant who helped me to overcome all breastfeeding issues I had at the beginning. Dr. Strumba is one of the best doctors we have ever seen and we all love and recommend her!”
Snezhana Ivanov, January 2020

“Dr. Strumba has been my kids primary doctor for 10 years already. My kids love her. She is a great doctor!”
Daniela Tomazela, January 2019

“Dr. Strumba is simply the best! My kids adore her and so do I. She’s very thorough and thinks things through. She’s definitely one of my favorite doctors to see. Dr. Strumba is truly a doctor that’s invested in her patients. And you can’t ask for a better doctor than that!”
Teri, Novi, October 2018

“She is passionate about children and what is best for the whole family.”
Julie Owens, August 2018

“Dr. Strumba is by far the best doctor out there. She has so much knowledge and takes her time to explain everything in detail. I recommend her to all parents that are in need of a pediatrician.”
Viola Venetiku, June 2018

“Dr. Strumba is so fantastic! She is also a board-certified lactation consultant and was very supportive and helpful in with breast-feeding especially when my son was gaining weight more slowly than normal. She is informative and listens well to any questions or concerns. The whole practice is wonderful – we’ve never had a problem getting a sick appointment on the same day and the care is always fantastic.”
Sarah Sidronio, West Bloomfield, June 2018

“I strongly recommend Dr. Strumba. She is amazing!”
Alla Alexandrov, June 2018

“I would recommend Dr. Strumba to anyone having difficulty with breastfeeding. I have worked with her for the last four months in the clinic at Providence and she is very knowledgeable and has a wonderful bedside manner.”
Heather Owens Carnaghi, March 2018

“She so smart and very good”
Weam Abdallah, February 2018

“Definitely recommend. We just love Dr.Strumba! She always there to help and advice. All of my questions always have been answered.Every time After our conversation I feel relief:). She is honest, trusted, knowledgeable doctor and so great with children. My daughter loves her! I feel so lucky to have Dr.Strumba as our pediatrician!”
Ludmila Vorobey, November 2017

“Dr. Strumba is fantastic, and is a lactation consultant. She actually took the time to help us out one day, even though we weren’t technically on her schedule. Their policy requiring necessary immunizations really helps put our minds at ease!”
Mark, October 2017

“We have been taking our children to West Bloomfield Pediatrics since our daughter was born in 2010. We have always had wonderful experiences with the staff and doctors and most recently, I would like share a positive experience that I had with Dr. Strumba. My daughter injured her arm and I wasn’t sure to what extent. I had an appt with Dr. Strumba late afternoon on a Friday. Instead of sending me to get an X-ray she spent time making phone calls for me to see an orthopedic surgeon in the event her arm was broken, I could get the sling, etc. I’m so incredibly grateful – my daughter fractured her shoulder and was able to get the sling and begin healing. If Dr. Strumba didn’t go above and beyond, I would have had to wait for the results, and go to the ER over the weekend and wonder/worry over the weekend. Thank you Dr. Strumba!!!”
Kimberly Brigham Bankstahl, September 2017

“Wonderful doctor! Took the time with us and didn’t seem rushed. Very kind, office staff is great”
Anonymous, August 2017

“Definitely Recommend. I chose this doctor when I moved to the state and have been so happy with the care my daughter has received. The doctors, including Dr. Strumba, are prompt, attentive, and really listen to the patients concerns. I have never felt pressured for medical treatment (like I previously was) and feel that her level of expertise has put my mind at ease when my daughter has been sick. I definitely recommend her and look forward to her meeting our newest one when she arrives!”
Anonymous, August 2017

“Dr. Strumba is always prompt to return my phone calls and answering my questions! She is the most caring doctor I’ve ever met. She takes the time to listen. My daughter loves coming to see her!”
Malushi V., October 2016

“Dr. Strumba has been nothing short of amazing. She is extremely attentive, professional, & knowledgable in what she does. She takes her job very seriously & is always going the extra mile to make sure her patients feel comfortable and all of your questions are met. I can literally come in with a list 15 questions and she happily answers them, taking her time and making sure we are on the same page. Many other doctors usually try to rush you out. There are no words to explain how exceptional she has been with us & our daughter. We will be taking all of our children to her. Another bonus is she is a lactation specialist & will help you with BF if needed. The office is also very professional & respectful. Wait time is always short & they are all very kind! I’ve never loved a doctor (and office) so much! I strongly recommend Dr. Anna Strumba.”
Sara T., August 2016

“What an awesome experience. I initially saw Dr. Strumba at the Breastfeeding Clinic at Providence Park Hospital. I was so impressed with her knowledge and bedside manner, that I made an appointment for my son to see her in her pediatric office. What a rare occurrence to have a pediatrician who is also a certified lactation consultant. I went in with a number of concerns and not only did she address them, but she also offered some extra tips on how to soothe my newborn. I even took some pictures of her showing me how to hold him to calm him and alleviate gas. I also called the office the morning after our initial appointment with a new concern – and I received a response from Dr. Strumba within an hour. Pretty unheard of. Very impressed.”
Sarah B., May 2016

“One of the most passionate doctor that I have encountered. She takes the time to listen and address all of your concerns. You know you are in good hands, excellent care. She takes your worries away.”
Cherie Levi, January 2016

“Dr. Strumba is wonderful. Very experienced and professional. She makes us feel feel welcome and relaxed. We highly recommend her”
Jessie Ann Skoczylas, December 2015

“Dr. Strumba is the best pediatrician we could dream to have! Very knowelegable and sweet person!”
Eugenia S., March 2015

“She takes her time, sits down and explains everything. She’s very patient with kids and does not make you feel rushed. I will definitely recommend her to anyone who is in need of a good pediatrician.”
Viola V., Canton MI, February 2015

“Amazing person and doctor. She will go out of her way to help you. She listens and cares for you. She has years of experience and truly loves what she does.”
Anonymous, January 2015

“Such a compassionate, caring and knowledgeable doctor. This is an amazing woman and doctor. She really listens to your concerns and spends time with you.”
Anonymous, January 2015

“We love Dr. Strumba, she is such a wise doctor. So relatable, and easy to talk to. She is so companionate, I’ve literly cried on her shoulder and she hugged me so tight. I followed her orders and my daughter was healed in no time!! Can never thank her enough!!”
Teri, January 2015

“Dr. Strumba is absolutely the best! She has the most helpful input for any health situations your children may be facing! I absolutely love her and would highly recommend her!”
Karen Safiedine, November 2014

“Dr. Strumba is truly the definition of a Doctor! She literally saved our son’s life the weekend of 4th of July. Our son (5 years old) went to the doctor that day and was seen by another doctor for not feeling well generally. On the way he began vomiting. He must have vomited 4 times prior to sleeping that evening. Once he was in bed, I had a bad feeling and called the after hours on call line for West Bloomfield Pediatrics. Dr. Strumba was the doctor on call. She said wake up your son immediately if he already vomited 4 times it is likely he is already dehydrated. She said you must keep him awake for 3 hours sipping on gaterade or he must go to the ER for IV fluids. We woke up our son, but he refused to take nothing more than what seemed a couple sips. We went to the ER, and shortly after he vomited again. The doctors at the ER said he was extremely dehydrated. We can never thank Dr. Strumba enough for being such an amazing doctor, advising us to wake up our son truly saved his life. He was severely dehydrated by the time we even got to the ER. All the doctors at West Bloomfield Pediatrics are amazing. We are so blessed to have them. You have doctors with a ton of brain, plus caring heart, it is truly the best for our children.”
Augustine I., West Bloomfield Township MI, November 2014

“Dr. Strumba is amazing! We traveled to MI to visit friends with my LO and suddenly she developed fever and rash. Dr. Strumba was available and able to see us right away. Gave prescription and followed up on how my baby was feeling later. When we came back home, she still didn’t mind answering all my questions. I strongly recommend Dr. Strumba. I also really liked how she was with my daughter, very sweet and gently, unlike our own pediatrician in NY, who my baby is scared of.”
Anna Z., November 2014

“Great doctor! Spends enough time with patients. She is kind, understanding, honest and trustworthy. Although she is busy, she never makes me feel rushed and returns my calls in a timely fashion. I would recommend this pediatrician to my friends.”
Marim A., Farmington Hills, July 2014

“She is the absolute best doctor I have ever been to in my entire life! Spends the time to explain everything for our little girl. Provides the best advice for taking care of our newborn and makes you feel so welcome. I would recommend her to anyone with a baby and/or a child.”
Vlad L., Auburn Hills, July 2014

“Dr. Strumba is so patient, welcoming and gentle! Every visit is a positive experience.”
Bayla B., West Bloomfield, July 2014

“Dr. Strumba took her time examining our son and answered over 20 questions we pre-prepared prior to the appointment. She is hands on and a very experienced doctor. Dr. Anna is also a practitioner in lactation and breastfeeding care. Thanks to her probing questions, it came up in a conversation that I needed help with breastfeeding. Dr. Anna has recommended some natural remedies that I am currently taking and already seeing some progress. I would recommend this pediatrician to my friends!”
Natalia V., April 2014

“Best doctor for your kid. I wouldn’t change her for another doctor. my daughter loves her . Any time she would go sick, she quickly wants to go to doctor Anna. She’s my daughter ‘s doctor since birth and now my daughter is four.”
Anonymous, February 2013

“Excellent doctor! Excellent in bedside manner, my 3 and a half year old daughter loves her.”
Anonymous, September 2012

“Dr. Strumba is very empathetic. Being a new mom, I have all kinds of worries and concerns, but she never makes me feel silly or brushes off questions I might have. Plus, she is a certified lactation consultant, which is a HUGE bonus, since I am a full-time nursing mom! My 11-month-old daughter has also not cried once while in her care.”
Sarah, June 2012

“Dr. Strumba at West Bloomfield pediatrics helped make our daughter a healthy, happy baby after many trials and tribulations. If anyone is looking for a new doctor I highly recommend this practice. I have had nothing but great experiences with the staff.”
Crystal, December 2011

“I love Dr. Strumba. She helped me through during my difficult time with breastfeeding… and my mental health! She has a lot of education and compassion.”
Debbie, August 2011

“10 Stars for WBP. Dr. Strumba is a great ped Dr. and Kim Jones gives the best shots in town.”
Jason, July 2011

“I made an appointment at the breastfeeding clinic at Providence Park Hospital in Novi, and was pleasantly surprised to see Dr. Strumba enter the room. She recognized me and my son from her pediatrics practice, which astounded me because she sees so many patients. I told her my problems and when she immediately said “You have thrush” I felt so relieved that someone had finally validated my suspicions. She gave me a prescription, and a few tips on how to eliminate the infection from my frozen milk, as well as my clothing, and the problem never reoccurred! I love all the doctors at our pediatrician’s office, but Dr. Strumba is my favorite to see because of her expertise in breastfeeding and her commitment to helping mothers nurse their babies, no matter what difficulties they may think stand in their way.”
Tiffany Cataldo, July 2011

“We are very satisfied with our decision to choose WBP. Dr. Strumba is great, very helpful and informative. She has really helped ease my “new mom” worries and concerns. We love Kim Jones too! She’s got a heart of gold! Thanks WBP.”
Kelly, July 2011

“I switched from another peds office and the personal touch WBP offers is so appreciated! Dr Strumba is one of a kind and has the ability to put a new moms worries to rest and Danielle the nurse is fantastic!”
Diane, July 2011

“She is kind, understanding, honest and trustworthy. Although she is busy, she never makes me feel rushed and returns my calls in a timely fashion. My son had an ongoing health issue, and she gave us contacts for the specialists and made phone calls to those doctors to give information and receive updates.”
Michelle, June 2011

“I don’t know what I would’ve done without Dr. Strumba!!! I did not plan on stopping breastfeeding, but I was losing faith after seeing the other doctor. She is amazing and really remembers her patients and their families. I highly recommend her to anyone! She is also really open to the fact that our daughter is mostly vegetarian (we do a great job getting her nutrients in) and Dr. Strumba is very receptive and inquisitive about how we do it, never condescending or fearful. We husband and I absolutely LOVE HER!”
angib, April 2011

“Dear Dr. Strumba, I wanted to say THANK YOU soooo much for all your help!!! I attended a couple of Breastfeeding Clinic sessions at Providence Hospital with you when I was having trouble breastfeeding, and you were a God-sent. My baby had trouble latching on, and I was engorged, and in pain. You took your time, and explained the correct baby positioning, how to relieve my pain, and many other things that helped tremendously. My milk production was suffering, and you reassured me that I had enough milk for my baby. Sure enough, it’s been 4 months, my baby is breastfeeding successfully, I went back to work, and I have an oversupply of milk. Thanks a million!!!”
Adel, November 2010

“…couldn’t be more happy that I’ve chosen such a “pro-mom” pediatrician!”
Tiffany, September 2010

“I was looking for a doctor I can trust for a long time. I was really pleased when my 2 boys met Dr. Strumba. She fills you with optimism and hope when you are lost. She helps to find and make the right decision. She answers all the questions (during the visit or by phone) with patience. I like the methods of treatments she recommends for my kids. They are really simple and helpful. Every time when my kids are sick, I ready to drive for 45 minutes just to be sure that they are in a reliable hands. I recommend Dr. Strumba for everybody!!!”
Maria, March 2010

“Dr. Strumba has been my daughter’s pediatrician for about a year now. My daughter is 14 months old. I wanted her to have a Russian speaking doctor, and I’ve been very happy with my choice of Dr. Strumba. She is always very friendly and at the same time very professional. She answers all my questions in detail, and I, as a new mom, have a lot of questions. During every visit Dr. Strumba also asks me questions about my daughter’s development, so it’s easy for me to see that everything is going well or something needs more of my attention. I would highly recommend Dr. Strumba as a pediatrician for your children.”
Nataliya, November 2008

“Great doctor! spends enough time with patients, is very thorough, promptly returns calls. Kids love her.”
Anonymous, March 2007