My Job Keeps Me Fit

“There is a double in 3 and a triple in 4, and I think all five have COVID”. Translated from medical office lingo to English it means: there is a car with two sick kids waiting for me in parking spot number 3, and another with three siblings in parking spot number 4. And in 20 minutes we find out that they do indeed all have COVID.

Since the beginning of COVID era we see sick patients in the cars in the parking lot. The well visits are still seen inside, in our office on the second floor. This way we somewhat reduce the risk of spreading the virus from the sick to the well patients. To further reduce the risk of spreading the bug, we don’t use the elevators. We take stairs.

Each trip is 52 steps: 26 down and 26 up.

If there’s more than one car waiting for me, I consider myself lucky – I don’t have to go up and down between the sick patients.

If I have an alternating schedule (a sick patient outside then a well patient inside then a sick patient outside, etc.) like I had the whole afternoon today, I… still consider myself lucky – I am getting a free extra workout 🙂 .


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