The Miracle of Breastfeeding

Human milk is a miracle. Multiple studies proved already that formula doesn’t even get close to mother’s milk in the number of benefits it provides. More and more mothers realize it now and attempt to breastfeed their babies.

However, most of those mothers fail to nurse beyond two or three months. You may ask why? Isn’t breastfeeding a natural process? Yes, it is, but a nursing mother often finds herself surprisingly in pain and in doubts about her milk supply. Did she make the right decision starting to breastfeed? A new mother needs a lot of support to continue nursing; instead, friends and family may not understand why it is so bad to give a baby a bottle of formula. After all, so many children grew up on it, several generations.

So, why do you need all this trouble?

This is why, as reported by The American Academy of Pediatrics and The Academy of Breastfeeding Medicine:

  1. Babies fed with breast milk have two times less chance of developing ear infections;
  2. They have two times less chance of diarrhea;
  3. These babies have four times less chance of pneumonia;
  4. Breastfed babies have higher IQ scores;
  5. They also have better vision;
  6. Breastfeeding cuts your child’s risk of obesity, especially so if you feed directly from the breast- not with the pumped milk;
  7. These children have less behavioral problems at preschool and elementary school age;
  8. They have less risk of developing asthma.

And this is not all. Breastfeeding mothers, rejoice! You get health benefits too. Nursing helps to shrink your uterus faster after delivery, thus preventing bleeding and infections; reduces your risk of breast cancer, ovarian cancer, and diabetes; helps to shed  that “baby weight” faster.

And just imagine: you do not need to spend money on formula, or keep switching from one kind of formula to another because it does not agree with your baby, or carry the bottles and formula wherever you go, or prepare the bottle in the middle of the night, etc. All you need to do is to put your baby to your breast and let the miracle happen. And it is a very special feeling and a unique bond that you get in return. Those mothers who breastfed know what I am talking about.


6 comments to The Miracle of Breastfeeding

  • Tiffany

    I absolutely love this article, and couldn’t be more happy that I’ve chosen such a “pro-mom” pediatrician!

  • Tiffany, thank you very much for your kind comment. My goal is to help every mother to choose and continue breastfeeding.

  • Adel

    Dear Dr. Strumba,

    I wanted to say THANK YOU soooo much for all your help!!! I attended a couple of Breastfeeding Clinic sessions at Providence Hospital with you when I was having trouble breastfeeding, and you were a God-sent. My baby had trouble latching on, and I was engorged, and in pain. You took your time, and explained the correct baby positioning, how to relieve my pain, and many other things that helped tremendously. My milk production was suffering, and you reassured me that I had enough milk for my baby. Sure enough, it’s been 4 months, my baby is breastfeeding successfully, I went back to work, and I have an oversupply of milk.

    Thanks a million!!!

  • Dear Adel, I am so happy that your baby and you are doing well, and that you are still nursing. Your comment made my day today!

  • Julie

    I, too, am so happy to have such a “pro-breastfeeing” doctor for my baby boy! My son is almost 5 months old & I am still breastfeeding. While I do have to supplement, Dr. Strumba helped me realize that mostly breastmilk is better than none at all and I am glad I stuck with it. A true labor of love, and Dr. Strumba’s support has been invaluable!

  • Thank you Julie! It’s you who is the hero, I am just supporting the great work you are doing.