Parent, Heal Your Child

Parents play a crucial role in healing their children. As a doctor, I can make a correct diagnosis and prescribe the necessary medicine, but it is the parent who does most of the work while treating the child at home. I am very grateful to those parents of my little patients who are doing their part consistently and following the plan that we decided upon during their visits.

I know obtaining and giving the prescribed medicine can be difficult – I have kids, too – but it is an essential part of the treatment. Are you concerned about the possibility of a side effect? Or maybe a friend or family member advised you against a particular medicine? In case of doubts and concerns, speak up before the medicine is prescribed. Maybe the pharmacy does not have the prescription, or the copay is too high? Call the office or the doctor on call right from the pharmacy to find an acceptable replacement. Have second thoughts about the medicine? Have trouble convincing the child to take that medicine down? Always feel comfortable calling the doctor and discussing a solution that would work better. Finally, make a point to finish antibiotics to the end of the prescription, otherwise the child’s infection may return or the bug will develop resistance.

Also, it never hurts to read the instructions on the meds carefully. Sometimes everything seems to be perfect: parents are happy with the treatment plan, the correct medication is obtained from the pharmacy and the child is willingly using it, but… using it incorrectly. I had a teenage patient to whom I prescribed Lotrimin cream for a fungal infection on his feet and Benzoyl Peroxide cream for acne. When he returned in several weeks, he said that his acne improved, but his feet are “still bad”. I asked him to show me what he was using and how. He said he used Lotrimin on his face and acne cream on his feet! I wonder if Lotrimin actually worked for his acne, or if it was just a coincidence?..


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