Ads on This Site

We started displaying ads on this site. Running a website costs money, all coming from my family’s budget. I am not reimbursed for these expenses by my employer or anybody else. One way to offset the costs is to display paid ads on the site, so the ads are here to stay.

Hopefully, those ads promote legitimate, quality products of interest to you. The ads are “context sensitive” and should be generally relevant to the topics I cover in my posts (kids health, breastfeeding, parenting, family, etc.) and to the audience of this site (to you, new and veteran moms and dads, my friends and parents of my patients). However, in no case does the presence of an ad on this site imply an endorsement of the advertised company or product; refer to my advertising policy for details.

  • If you see an ad that violates Google advertising policies (an ad that is inaccurate, deceptive, illegal), please submit a complaint form to Google.
  • If you see an otherwise o.k. ad that does not belong here (an ad that is not even remotely related to this site’s content), let us know by leaving a comment to this post. We do have some (albeit limited) control over the categories of ads that are allowed on this site, and will try to remove irrelevant ones.

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